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Due to administrative reasons like shortage of training capacity in police training institutions, shortage of manpower strength, limitation in payment of TA/DA etc. the States are not able to provide continuous in-service training to their police personnel.

There is also no ready online reference library for the Indian Police which will help them quickly resolve any professional classification required during discharge of their function.

On the other hand various international law enforcement agencies like InterPol, UNDOC etc., and other department like NCERT, Maharashtra Police Academy, etc are running their e-Learning portal.

There is also huge amount of training material available in hard copy, book case study etc, with BPR&D and also various Police Academies.

Training Division has developed "e-Ustad" the e-Learning portal for uploading various training materials and best practices available at BPR&D as well as to be collected from other training institutions/various resources. This arrangement will compensate to some extent the deficiencies of infrastructure/training capacity in Indian Police.

About BPRD

The Government of India vied Resolution No.8/136/68-P.I (Pers.I) dated 28.08.1970 formally established the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD), under the Ministry of Home Affairs giving a new orientation to then existing PoliceResearch and Advisory Council (1966) for the following reasons and with the primary objective of modernization of police force:

To take direct and active interest in the issues

To promote a speedy and systematic study of the police problems,

To apply science and technology in the methods and techniques used by police.

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